Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
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Advances in Atmospheric Sciences2009年第04期
月刊 | 气象学
Variations in the Summer Monsoon Rainbands Across Eastern China over the Past 300 Years
Drought Reconstruction in the Qilian Mountains over the Last Two Centuries and Its Implications for Large-Scale Moisture Patterns
An Overview of Dry-wet Climate Variability among Monsoon-Westerly Regions and the Monsoon Northernmost Marginal Active Zone in China
Climatological Characteristics of the Moisture Budget and Their Anomalies over the Joining Area of Asia and the Indian-Pacific Ocean
Harmonious Inter-decadal Changes of July–August Upper Tropospheric Temperature Across the North Atlantic, Eurasian Continent,and North Pacific
On the Association between Spring Arctic Sea Ice Concentration and Chinese Summer Rainfall:A Further Study
Surface Turbulent Flux Measurements over the Loess Plateau for a Semi-Arid Climate Change Study
Variability of Soil Moisture and Its Relationship with Surface Albedo and Soil Thermal Parameters over the Loess Plateau
Variability of Northeast China River Break-up Date
The Antarctic Oscillation-East Asian Summer Monsoon Connections in NCEP-1 and ERA-40
Contribution of the Sea Surface Temperature over the Mediterranean-Black Sea to the Decadal Shift of the Summer North Atlantic Oscillation
The Dipole Mode of the Summer Rainfall over East China during 1958–2001
A Review on Aspects of Climate Simulation Assessment
Climate Responses to Direct Radiative Forcing of Anthropogenic Aerosols,Tropospheric Ozone,and Long-Lived Greenhouse Gases in Eastern China over 1951–2000