Journal of Materials Science & Technology
Journal of Materials Science & Technology2020年第08期
半月 | 金属学及金属工艺
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Research Article
Effects of ultrasonic assisted friction stir welding on flow behavior,microstructure and mechanical properties of 7N01-T4 aluminum alloy joints
Inhibition effects of benzalkonium chloride on Chlorella vulgaris induced corrosion of carbon steel
A strategy for designing stable nanocrystalline alloys by thermo-kinetic synergy
New FeNiCrMo(P, C, B) high-entropy bulk metallic glasses with unusual thermal stability and corrosion resistance
Fabricating CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy via selective laser melting in-situ alloying
Effects of Cu addition on formability and surface delamination phenomenon in high-strength high-Mn steels
Novel synthesis method combining a foaming agent with freeze-drying to obtain hybrid highly macroporous bone scaffolds
Enhanced oxidation and graphitization resistance of polycrystalline diamond sintered with Ti-coated diamond powders
Effects of yttria content on the CMAS infiltration resistance of yttria stabilized thermal barrier coatings system
Effects of 1,9-dibromnonane on the structural, photophysical properties and stability of cesium lead bromide perovskite nanocrystals
Dynamic recrystallization behavior and interfacial bonding mechanism of 14Cr ferrite steel during hot deformation bonding
Unveiling annealing texture formation and static recrystallization kinetics of hot-rolled Mg-Al-Zn-Mn-Ca alloy
Enhancing strength and plasticity by pre-introduced indent-notches in Zr_(36)Cu_(64)metallic glass: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Microstructure evolution of nanostructured ferritic alloy with and without Cr_3C_2c oated SiC at high temperatures
New para-magnetic(CoFeNi)_(50)(CrMo)_(50-x)(CB)_x(x=20, 25, 30)non-equiatomic high entropy metallic glasses with wide supercooled liquid region and excellent mechanical properties