Journal of Materials Science & Technology
Journal of Materials Science & Technology2020年第07期
半月 | 金属学及金属工艺
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Research Article
Hierarchical microstructure of a titanium alloy fabricated by electron beam selective melting
In-situ formed NiS/Ni coupled interface for efficient oxygen evolution and hydrogen evolution
Microstructural evolution and deformation behavior of copper alloy during rheoforging process
Aluminum doping for optimization of ultrathin and high-k dielectric layer based on SrTiO_3
Room-temperature synthesis of ZrSnO_4 nanoparticles for electron transport layer in efficient planar hetrojunction perovskite solar cells
High-performance carbon fiber/gold/copper composite wires for lightweight electrical cables
Improved electron capture capability of field-assisted exponential-doping GaN nanowire array photocathode
Microstructure and fracture toughness of the Bridgman directionally solidified Fe-Al-Ta eutectic at different solidification rates
Visualization of microstructural factors resisting the crack propagation in mesosegregated high-strength low-alloy steel
Effect of environments and normal loads on tribological properties of nitrided Ni_(45)(FeCoCr)_(40)(AlTi)_(15) high-entropy alloys
Oxide dispersion strengthened stainless steel 316L with superior strength and ductility by selective laser melting
Structure and magnetic properties of YCo_5 compound at high pressures
Microstructure evolution and superelasticity behavior of Ti-Ni-Hf shape memory alloy composite with multi-scale and heterogeneous reinforcements
Effect of cooling rate upon the microstructure and mechanical properties of in-situ TiC reinforced high entropy alloy CoCrFeNi
Modification of Mn on corrosion and mechanical behavior of biodegradable Mg_(88)Y_4Zn_2Li_5 alloy with long-period stacking ordered structure