Journal of Materials Science & Technology
Journal of Materials Science & Technology1999年第06期
旬刊 | 金属学及金属工艺
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Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue Damage Behavior of Cu Monocrystals, Bicrystals and Tricrystals
Effect of Crystallinity on Electrochemical Insertion/Extraction of Li in Transition Metal Oxides Part I: LiMn_2O_4 and LiCo_(0.5)Ni_(0.5)O_2
Carbide Behavior during High Temperature Creep in DZ40M Co-base Superalloy
Effect of Prior Deformation on Aging Process in a Cu-30Ni-25Fe Spinodal Alloy
Indium Composition Dependence of the Size Uniformity of InGaAs Quantum Dots on (311)B GaAs Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Investigation on the Microstructure Homogenization in a TiAl Based Alloy Prepared by Elemental Powder Metallurgy
Structure of the Intermetallic Compound Ni_3Al Synthesized under Compression of the Powder Mixture of Pure Elements Part Ⅰ: Phase Composition and Microstructure of Main Phase
Compression Properties of Ti-Al-X Alloys in Relation to Site Occupancies of Alloying Elements in TiAl and Ti_3Al
Nonequilibrium Microstructures and Phase Evolutions of and Iron-based Laser Clad Coating
Determination of Particle Sizes and Crystalline Phases on Colloidal Silicon Nanoparticle Suspensions
Valence Distribution in AT_xV_(6-X)O_(11) Compounds
Microstructure, Impact Toughness and TEM Analysis in the CGHAZ of HQ130 High Strength Steel
Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel in Hot Hydrochloric Acid Solutions
Laser and Fluorescence Properties of Organic Dye DCM Doped Sol-Gel-Derived Solid-State Materials
Simulation of Stable Crack Growth for Welded Joints Including Strength Mismatching