Journal of Materials Science & Technology
Journal of Materials Science & Technology1999年第03期
旬刊 | 金属学及金属工艺
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Surface Nanocrystallization (SNC) of Metallic Materials-Presentation of the Concept behind a New Approach
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Nd-Fe-B/α-Fe Nanocomposite Magnets by Co, Nb, Dy Substitutions
Thermodynamic Calculation of the SrO-Nb_2O_5 System
Pitting Corrosion Behaviour of Monel-400 Alloy in Chloride Solutions
An Application of the Modified Shear Lag Model to Study the Influence of Thermal Residual Stresses on the Stiffness and Yield Strength of Short Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Ductile Cast Iron Laser Clad with Ni-Ti-Co-C
Microstructure of Al-Si Alloys Rapidly Solidified from the Different Temperature Melts
Densification of the Tungsten Heavy Alloys at 1473 K and Fabrication of W-Mo System FGM with Density Gradient
Microstructure and Wear Resistance of In situ TiCp Composite Coating by Laser Cladding
Establishment of the Constitutive Relationship for MP159 Alloy
Study of Solidification Shrinkage of Ductile Iron in Dry Sand Molds
Rheological Behaviors of Polymer Melts and Concentrated Solutions Part VI: Comparison of the Material Functions with Yielding and Thinning for Polymeric Suspensions with Their Experimental Values
Synthesis and Characterization of Some Transition Metal Chelates of 5-(1-Hydroxy-6-Naphthylazo-3-Sodium Sulphonate) Thiobarbituric (L_1) and Barbituric (L_2) Acids
Numerical Simulation of Thermal Stress of Shaped Casting Based on Rheological Model
Ti/Al_2O_3 Functionally Gradient Material Prepared by the Explosive Compaction/SHS Process