International Journal of Minerals Metallurgy and Materials
International Journal of Minerals Metallurgy and Materials2021年第07期
月刊 | 金属学及金属工艺;冶金工业
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Mechanism and monitoring and early warning technology for rockburst in coal mines
Influence of grain refinement on the corrosion behavior of metallic materials:A review
Agglomeration and leaching behaviors of copper oxides with different chemical binders
Effect of the surface microstructure of arsenopyrite on the attachment of Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans in the presence of dissolved As(Ⅲ)
Effect of organic binders on the activation and properties of indurated magnetite pellets
Preparation of CaO-containing carbon pellets from coking coal and calcium oxide: Effects of temperature, pore distribution and carbon structure on compressive strength in pyrolysis furnace
Direct preparation of semi-solid billets by the semi-solid isothermal heat treatment for commercial cold-rolled ZL104 aluminum alloy
Effect of TiB_2 and Al_3Ti on the microstructure, mechanical properties and fracture behaviour of near eutectic Al-12.6Si alloy
Solid particle erosion studies of thermally deposited alumina–titania coatings on an aluminum alloy
Superior sodium and lithium storage in strongly coupled amorphous Sb_2S_3 spheres and carbon nanotubes
Fabrication and characterization of GNPs and CNTs reinforced Al7075 matrix composites through the stir casting process
Sliding wear behaviour of Fe/316L/430–Ti(C,N) composites prepared via spark plasma sintering and subsequent heat treatment
Effects of CeO_2 pre-calcined at different temperatures on the performance of Pt/CeO_2–C electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation reaction
Comparative characterization of iridium loading on catalyst assessment under different conditions
Hydraulic turbine system identification and predictive control based on GASA–BPNN