International Journal of Minerals Metallurgy and Materials
International Journal of Minerals Metallurgy and Materials2021年第05期
月刊 | 金属学及金属工艺;冶金工业
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Editorial for special issue on USTB–RWTH Aachen's 40 years of collaboration
Medium-Mn steels for hot forming application in the automotive industry
Effect of microstructure on corrosion behavior of high strength martensite steel——A literature review
Micromorphology and safety properties of meager and meager-lean coal for blast furnace injection
New insights into the properties of high-manganese steel
Effect of Al_2O_3 on the viscosity of CaO–SiO_2–Al_2O_3–MgO–Cr_2O_3 slags
Ultrahigh cycle fatigue fracture mechanism of high-quality bearing steel obtained through different deoxidation methods
Determining role of heterogeneous microstructure in lowering yield ratio and enhancing impact toughness in high-strength low-alloy steel
In-depth analysis of the fatigue mechanism induced by inclusions for high-strength bearing steels
Hydrogen effect on the mechanical behaviour and microstructural features of a Fe–Mn–C twinning induced plasticity steel
Multiphase-field simulation of austenite reversion in medium-Mn steels
Stress-state dependence of dynamic strain aging: Thermal hardening and blue brittleness
Effect of weld microstructure on brittle fracture initiation in the thermally-aged boiling water reactor pressure vessel head weld metal
Influence of sample preparation on nanoindentation results of twinninginduced plasticity steel
Superior corrosion resistance-dependent laser energy density in (CoCrFeNi)_(95)Nb_5 high entropy alloy coating fabricated by laser cladding