Asian Agricultural Research
Asian Agricultural Research2011年第02期
月刊 | 农业经济
Effects of the Development of Township Enterprises on the Urban-Rural Dual Economic Structure Based on Cointegration Theory
Interpretation of the Construction of Socialist New Countryside
Establishment of Evaluation Index for the Sustainable Development Capability of Regional Economy
Problems and Countermeasures for the Development of Modern Agriculture in Henan Province,China
Evaluation System for Farmers' Satisfaction Degree in the Green Energy Saving Rebuilding of Rural Residence
ESDA-GIS Analysis of Spatial-temporal Disparity in Rural Economic Development of Guangxi
Evaluation and Analysis on the Competitiveness of Guangxi Distinctive Agriculture
Research on Competitiveness of County Economy Based on Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis——Taking 88 Counties in Guizhou as Samples
Analysis on the Influencing Factors of the Quality Traceable System Established by Edible Agricultural Products Enterprises-Taking Sichuan as an Example
Empirical Analysis on the Grain Supply Capacity of Hubei Province,China
Construction of Performance Evaluation Index System for Enterprises Implementing Green Food Certification Based on BSC
Evaluation Model of the Ecology Benefit Value of Woodland in China
Comparative Study of Impacting Factors of Grain Production of Inner Mongolia Region in Different Periods
The Measuring and Impacting Factors Analysis of Rural Straw Yield-Based on the Perspective of Constructing Low-carbon Agricultural Economy
Practical Model and Countermeasures for the Development of Ecological Circular Agriculture in Zhejiang Province,China