Asian Agricultural Research
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Asian Agricultural Research2010年第11期
月刊 | 农业经济
Performance Appraisal Method of Logistic Distribution for Fresh Agricultural Products
Gap between Urban and Rural Economic Development in Less Developed Areas——A Case of Northern Jiangsu Area,China
Urban Agricultural Development from the Perspective of Circular Economy——An Analysis of Sino-Singapore Eco-city Model in Tianjin
From "Migrant Workers Boom" to "Migrant Workers Scarcity"——Analysis of Institutional Bottleneck of Rural Surplus Labors Transfer in China
Consumer Behavior Analysis under the "Lemon Dilemma" in the Market of Agricultural Products
Safeguard and Protection of Migrant Workers' Interests from the Perspective of Game Theory
Researches on Countermeasures and the Status Quo of Agricultural Industrialized Cluster in Henan Province
Agro-food Quality and Safety Based on Agro-ecological Compensation
Changing Trend and Sustainable Development of Farmland Resources in Pingdingshan City,China
Prediction of Farmers' Income and Selection of Model ARIMA
Production Structure of Agriculture in Huai'an City
Construction and Evaluation of the Theoretical Model of Citrus Cooperative Organization
Research on the Impact of Land Transfer on County Agricultural Industrialized Development——A Case Study of Dali County,Shaanxi Province
The Research on the Status of Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprises of County in the Dominant Industry of Shaanxi County Economy
Path Choice of New Countryside Construction in Western Region of China under the Perspective of Ecological Environment