1. Introduction
2. Literature Review 2.1 Study of Xu Yuanchong's Translation Theory 2.2 Study of English Translations of Xixiang Ji
3. An Introduction to Xixiang Ji and Xu Yuanchong 3.1 Yuanqu and Xixiang Ji 3.2 Xu Yuanchong and His Translation Activities
4. Xu Yuanchong's Theory of Three Beauties 4.1 Translation Aesthetics 4.2 Xu's Theory of Three Beauties 4.2.1 Beauty in Sense 4.2.2 Beauty in Sound 4.2.3 Beauty in Form
5. A Case Study of Xu's Translation The Romance of the Western Bower in Light ofHis Theory of Three Beauties 5.1 Reproduction of Beauty in Sense 5.1.1 Translation of Image 5.1.2 Translation of Allusion 5.2 Reproduction of Beauty in Sound 5.2.1 Translation of Rhyme 5.2.2 Translation of Rhythm 5.2.3 Translation of Reduplicated Words 5.3 Reproduction of Beauty in Form 5.3.1 Translation of Antithesis 5.3.2 Translation of Parallelism 5.4 A few Flaws in Xu's Translation
6. Conclusion