Chemical Research in Chinese Universities
Chemical Research in Chinese Universities2008年第02期
双月 | 自然科学
Chemical Research in Chinese Universities Guide for Authors
Synthesis and Spectroscopic Properties of a Series of New tetra-Substituted Metal Phthalocyanines
New Inorganic-organic Hybrid Compound Containing One Dimensional Keggin Polyoxometalate [SiW_(11)O_(39)Co]~(6-) Chains: Preparation, Characterization and Application in Chemically Bulk-modified Electrode
Synthesis of ZrSiO_4 and Coesite in SiO_2-ZrO_2 System Under High Pressure
Aptamer-based Electrochemical Biosensors for Highly Selective and Quantitative Detection of Adenosine
Simple, Selective, and Sensitive Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Trace Amounts of Nickel(Ⅱ), Copper (Ⅱ), Cobalt (Ⅱ), and Iron (Ⅲ) with a Novel Reagent 2-Pyridine Carboxaldehyde Isonicotinyl Hydrazone
Quality Analysis of Herbal Medicine Products Prepared from Herba Sarcandrae by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection
Adsorption of Human Serum Albumin onto PVA-coated Affinity Microporous PTFE Capillary
Qualitative and Semi-quantitative Analysis of Quaternary Alkaloids in Coptis-scute Herb Couple by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
Component Analysis and Free Radicals Scavenging Activity of Physalis alkekengi L. Polysaccharide
New Active Organic Substance in Oyster Shell Capable of Scavenging Oxygen Free Radicals with High Efficiency
Diels-Alder Addition of Dicyclopentadiene with Cyclopentadiene in Polar Solvents
Organometallic Gold(Ⅲ) Derivatives with Anionic Oxygen Ligands-mononuclear Hydroxo, Alkoxo, and Acetato Complexes: Synthesis and Spectral Study
Activation of CFTR-mediated Cl~- Transport by Magnolin
Expression, Purification and Spectral Characterization of p21~(Waf1/Cip1)